Q: What ways do you accept support tickets?

1. Email is our preference. Pretty please? With sugar on top?

The easiest, and our most preferred method of ticket generation, is an email to support@dedicatedit.com. (See Email Tips and Tricks, below.)

2. Our next favorite is via our support portal.

Open any browser (including on your mobile device) and type https://help.dedicatedit.com into the browser bar. From there you can click on "New Support Ticket" and log a ticket by entering your email address, a basic description of the problem and then any detail you can provide us.

3. In the event that none of those options work for you, phone.

Our tech support phone number is: 561-491-5730. It will provide you service 24x7x365 by either our staff, or by an intelligent voicemail system. The voicemail system will log a support ticket on your behalf. If logged outside of business hours, and the ticket is marked urgent, the on-call technician will be contacted.

Q: What Kind of Response Should I Expect?

We strive to answer every ticket we receive in a timely fashion. However, sometimes, the definition of timely is relevant to the person, the request, or whether you have a critical customer-facing report due in an hour.

Our system provides the ability to tag any request with a priority. The priorities are: Low, Medium, High and Urgent. The default priority in our system is Low.

We have set internal goals for the response and resolution for each of these priorities.

Responded means that one of our techs has reviewed the ticket, and provided a personalized response back to you.

Resolved for us means that we have completed your request, and that you are satisfied with the resolution.

We have two different goals depending on whether our Help Desk (Triage) team is working on the ticket, or whether the ticket had to be escalated to our Advanced / Escalation team. 

Help Desk (Triage) Advanced / Escalation

Q: Do you have any Tips or Tricks for Email Tickets?

Yes! There are a few things that will help us help you.

1. Write a good subject for us.

Good: I am having problems with my HP printer.

Good: I am locked out of my computer and cannot log in.

Good: Error message "Aliens are taking over (0x038dd3)" from Word when I try to print.

Bad: Urgent

Bad: Problem

Bad: Please call me

2. Provide as much detail (include pictures) in the body of the email.

Tell us whether you have done this forever and it just stopped working, or if this is something new you have never done before.

Give us a little background on the situation so that we can put the pieces together.

Include the exact error message that you are getting.

Give us the steps necessary for us to reproduce the issue, so that we can test and find the solution without bothering you.

Let us know if the problem is happening to you only, or whether it is your entire office.

Have you logged a ticket about this issue before? Got a ticket number you can share so we can look up the previous notes?

3. Provide us a screenshot of the issue.

With the error message on the screen, press the PrtSc (Print Screen) button. (this will capture the screen).

Paste the image into the email when you send it.

Send multiple screenshots if you feel it will help.

4. Indicate your desired urgency in the subject line.

Our system is able to pick up keywords from the subject line of the email you send in. Include any of the following words:in your subject low, medium, high, urgent.

You can place the words at the beginning or the end of the subject.

Adding to the examples provided above, it would look like this:

Good: Medium: I am having problems with my HP printer.

Good: I am locked out of my computer and cannot log in. - Urgent

Good: Error message "Aliens are taking over (0x038dd3)" from Word when I try to print. (high)

5. Do not alter the information in the subject line

Our system needs the ticket number and the subject exactly like you received it.

Don't alter it - aside from the re: your email puts on it automatically.