Welcome to the Cloud!

This document will give some general instruction so you can become familiar with the cloud desktop and how it works. So let’s get started!



For alternate methods and troubleshooting sign in please visit:


Similar to your RDS setup, the cloud is accessed through a website, https://connect.hostmyit.com It is a good idea to bookmark this website as you will be going to it quite frequently. When you get to the site, enter your email address and password to login. If you have not changed your password, the default password will be given to you by the migration engineer.

Tip: If you select “this is a private computer” the window will stay open longer before automatically logging out.



If you are presented with a box on the bottom of the site that asks to run the “Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Web Access Connector” click allow



Click on the app to get started


Click the connect button to accept the default Windows warning message 


You will be required to enter your email address and password again if you are logging on for the first time.


Press Yes to accept the certificate notice. You can avoid this by adding this website to your trusted sites list. To do this go to toolsàinternet optionsà securityà sitesà then press add.

For alternate sign in methods and troubleshooting please see the link below


The cloud desktop is just like a normal computer, except that you can access your business applications and server resources from any internet connection. Your access to Company data is no longer reliant on your office network. It is based on Windows 8 and Server 2012 R2 technology, so it may look a little different than your normal windows 7 or XP computer. 

Lets begin at the start menu. Press the  button to begin.


By clicking the  button on the bottom left hand corner, all of your applications will be displayed. Applications that you frequently use like outlook can be pinned to the main start menu or the taskbar by right clicking the icon and pressing pin to start menu or pin to task bar. You can do this to as many applications as you wish to personalize your desktop.


If you wish to get back to your normal computer, you can click the ribbon bar at the top of the screen. You can minimize the window or press the  button to make the cloud desktop a window on your regular computer.





Internet Favorites and other personal files from your local computer 


You may find that you want to copy files from your current computer to the cloud. While on the cloud desktop, you can access files from your actual computer through explorer. In the above picture, my personal computer name is office, and my actual hard drives can be browsed. Your drives will look slightly different. For example it may say “c on ayflll-wks33” depending on what the name of your computer is. 

The best way to move your internet favorites (or any other files) is to open 2 different explorer windows. To do this press and press file explorer

Once file explorer is open, you can press open new window and open another instance of file explorer. This is particularly handy for moving and comparing folders. By default, favorites on your local computer are stored on C:\users\username\favorites. Favorites on the cloud are stored on y:\favorites. By having the windows side by side, you can drag things from one window to the other. You can do this for any files you wish.